Getting Started (Windows App)

The BEETmobile Hotspot App turns your PC into your own personal wireless Hotspot. It allows you to easily and securely share your Internet connection with friends, family, business partners as well as an arbitrary number of WiFi-capable devices in general.

System Requirements

The BEETmobile Hotspot App currently requires Windows 7.

A few of the available features are only operable on PCs and notebooks where Windows 7 is/was originally installed. On older devices that have been upgraded to Windows 7, it’s possible that only a LAN-based Internet connection can be shared with your wireless Hotspot.


After downloading the Hotspot App, you will be guided through the installation process: Simply follow the given instructions.

They’re intuitive, with a single exception: some older systems might lack the current 4.0 version of Microsoft .NET framework. The App cannot function without this framework; in this event, the process will guide you through the necessary installation steps.


After complete installation, the BEETmobile Hotspot App will start automatically and runs in the background. In the event that the App doesn’t automatically start, open it (as you would other programs) using the Windows start menu and double-click the App icon. Should the icon not be visible, just type in “BEET...” and the Hotspot App will be displayed.

When the App is running in the background, two options allow you to bring it up front:

  • Click on the BEETmobile icon in the taskbar notification area,

    If the BEETmobile App icon is not displayed in the notification area, click on the white triangle to the left of the visible status icons. An area including additional icons will pop up - select the icon from there. Should there be too many icons; Windows shifts some of the surplus icons to this area. You may also click on “customize” and adjust the settings, so that the BEETmobile icon is always shown in the standard status area.

  • or simply use the shortcut: Windows-Logo key + “H” (for Hotspot)

Activating the Hotspot

To turn the Hotspot on, set your cursor on the BEETmobile-symbol and slide it to the right. To turn it off, slide it back to the left.

When initially activating the Hotspot, the process could take from ten seconds up to a minute to start. Afterwards, it will start quicker.

Status Display

The two LEDs displayed in the App-window show your connection status. Specific detailed information can be found next to the LEDs.

The upper LED displays the status of your Internet connection. It turns green when connected with the Internet, and only then, is it possible to open up a Hotspot. (Please note: You don’t necessarily need an active Internet connection to create a Hotspot, but it’s good to now, just in case). The detailed information includes the type and name of the connection, provided this information is available. More details (throughput and frequency bands) are displayed when the cursor is hovered over that area.

The lower LED displays the status of your Hotspot. Red indicates an error, yellow an intermediate stage and generally indicates “activation in progress”, whereas green indicates that your Hotspot is live. In case of an error, please consult the FAQ.

Connecting to Internet via a Hotspot

In order that other users/devices can use the internet connection via the Hotspot, they must be familiar with the Hotspot’s name (the “SSID”) and password.

The name is displayed in the Hotspot’s status:

The password becomes visible after clicking on “Display Password”:

You may change the Hotspot’s name and password at any time by selecting “Settings”.

How other devices can be connected to your BEETmobile Hotspot depends on the respective device itself. The available Hotspots are usually compiled in a list. Select the individual BEETmobile Hotspot and enter the password. Should the BEETmobile not be listed, please consult the FAQ.

Analyzing the Hotspot

The info panel renders real time status information concerning your Hotspot: Number of connected devices, Data throughput and Data volume:

“Number of Connected Devices” displays the number of devices currently using the Hotspot. “Data Throughput” indicates how fast the Hotspot is currently transferring data. “Volume” is the entire amount of data that has actually passed through the network. By pressing the “Reset” button, the volume counter is set back to zero.

The status icon in the taskbar also indicates whether the Hotspot is active or not.

Please note that condensed, detailed information can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the icon.


Select “Settings” to configure the Hotspot App according to your needs:

  • Hotspot Please select an explicit Hotspot name and a very secure password. For security reasons, the App or operating system will automatically reject any password that appears too short or too easily guessable.
  • Timer Use the timer to automatically turn off an active Hotspot after a certain amount of time has passed. This is useful if you’d like to grant Internet access for a certain period of time, or to improve the battery’s performance.
  • Updates The BEETmobile Hotspot App updates are enabled by default, whereas we strongly recommend keeping them enabled. This ensures that the software, latest patches and any improvements are always up-to-date. When enabled, the App regularly scans the availability of updates, and automatically downloads these in the background, without bothering you. Nevertheless, we always respect your wish not to subscribe to automatic updates. In this case, you may want to take advantage of manually checking for any updates by pressing the “Check for New Updates” button.

Distributing your Hotspot

Let your friends, family and contacts know about your Hotspot via Facebook and/or other channels of communication. For example; during an event, you can make sure that all attendees are able to connect to the Internet on-site. Another example; you have a small business and would like to offer your customers complimentary internet access, or you might have several friends located in your periphery who should be made aware of your Hotspot. The examples go on and on.

Using the “Share via” link you can direct your friends and contacts to a website that includes information concerning the Hotspot’s name and password. You can optionally add a message and/or display the Hotspot’s location on a map.

Share this page with others via your favorite channels of communication: Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail or other channels capable of processing web-links.

Although the page is public, the address is “unguessable”. You have complete control of who you’d like to share with.