Ad Hoc Network in the Office.

Securely and simply share your Internet connection with your business partners.

Your PC becomes a Hotspot.

Become an Internet provider with just one click.

Share your Internet Connection.

Pay once. Everyone surfs along.

Always Have Your WLAN Along.

A great connection throughout your home.

Screenshot: Android App
Android App
Screenshot: Android App
Android Widget in action
Screenshot: Windows App
Windows App

BEETmobile Hotspot App

  • Share your Internet Connection

    With a simple click, you share your Internet connection with friends, family, business partners, acquaintances and an arbitrary number of WLAN-compatible devices.

  • Simple and Comfortable Handling

    No technical expertise is required during installment and set-up. The timer for automatic shut-down, as well as the Android-Widget for quickly turning the app on and off, makes using it really comfortable to use.

  • Keep Track

    BEETmobile displays how many people resp. devices are connected to the Internet via your Hotspot, how fast the data is currently being transfered (throughput) as well as the data volume that has passed through your network.

  • Distribute your Hotspot

    Let the world know about your Hotspot and inform your network via Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail and other communication channels.

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Hotspot App - Getting Started.

The BEETmobile Hotspot App turns your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet into a hotspot, and thus, to a WLAN-/ WiFi-Router capable of building up its own network. No additional hardware is necessary. Practically all WLAN-compatible devices, amongst them iPhones, Amazon’s Kindle as well as Blackberrys, can take advantage of the Hotspot App, and connect to your WLAN-Network.

We’ve developed the Hotspot App with the objective of simple use and maximum security. In this case, our focus is on security: using exclusively encrypted communication according to the most current WLAN security standard WPA 2 PSK, a timer that automatically shuts down the Hotspot at a time predefined by the user, a live-display of those devices connected to the Hotspot and data throughput as well as automatic BEETmobile Hotspot App updates, in the event that security patches are required.

What others write about the BEETmobile Hotspot App:

It works like a charm. I have been using this app since a few days now, and have even used it via traveling to share my phone internet with my laptop, and it just works. Love it!
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